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The Secondary School of Printing in Olomouc organizes this school year´s Young Graphic Designers Skills Competition. The competition takes place under the auspices of the Ministry of Education which together with the city of Olomouc contributes to the financial security of the competition. The competition takes place from 4th to 6th April 2017 and is intended for pupils of printing schools and art schools teaching the branch of Reproductive graphic designer for media (34-53-L/01).
It is possible to send the obligatory application form only in the period from 1st to 30th November 2016 by e-mail to skola@polygraficka.cz. The application form can be downloaded here. The capacity of the competition is limited to 12 two-member competing teams, the order of applications received is decisive for inclusion in the competition. Each school may enter one competing team.
In the process of the competition there will be exercised three competing tasks that consist of graphic design and technical elaboration of a given topic. The contestants will process promotional materials for major organizations of the Olomouc region. The teams will receive processing conditions, texts and photographs necessary for making the first task of the competition one month in advance and they will bring completely processed and printed works with them to the competition. The teams will process other two tasks during the competition within the specified time limit. The processing will be carried out in the computer labs of the organizing school in Adobe Creative Cloud.

A five-member jury from the ranks of professionals in graphic arts, photography, advertising and multimedia will evaluate creativity, graphic and technical processing. There will be a festive evaluation of the competition combined with awarding prizes to the winning teams last day of the competition.

The aim of the competition is to compare the skills of teams from various participating schools to establish contacts between the same industry-focused schools and ultimately to obtain and exchange experiences from processing and implementation of the contract at working under time pressure.

Accommodation, board and accompanying program are paid for the competing teams and one member of teacher attendance within the competition.

Detailed information about the course and schedule of the competition will be sent to the registered schools. Samples of work from the previous year can be viewed at www.soutezgrafiku.cz

The name of the branch: Printer for printing machines

Code domain 34-52-L/01
The achieved level of education: secondary education with a graduation certificate

The content of this field is getting technical knowledge and skills in print production realized by industrial printing methods. A part of the course is operation of modern conventional and digital printing systems and controlling print production quality. The curriculum also includes the issues of technological processes, knowledge of the properties of used materials, pricing, orientation in printing techniques and comprehensive knowledge of printing production.

Graduate employment:
Printer graduate is a secondary educated worker with general and vocational education. He/She has comprehensive knowledge of the printing industry and its individual parts. The graduate can be employed in the area dealing with most modern electronically controlled printing technologies. Another option is to be employed in advertising agencies and graphic studios, where he/she works on defining the most suitable printing techniques for the exact type of a graphic product, including professional assessment of its quality. Furthermore, he/she can be employed in a publishing house as a production operator. Graduates who successfully pass their graduation exam may continue to study at colleges and universities.

The name of the branch: Reproductive graphic designer for media

Code domain 34-53-L/01
The achieved level of education: secondary education with a graduation certificate

The content of this field is the acquisition of knowledge and skills in the areas of - DTP, work with texts, digital photography, scanning, web design, assembly and digital printing through modern computer technology. An integral part of the curriculum is also graphic design of various types of materials, creation of graphics using professional software and complex preparation of documents for printing. The courses introduce students to all the procedures they may need in their professional life.

Graduate employment:
The Graphic Media graduate is a secondary educated worker with general and vocational education. It has comprehensive knowledge of the printing industry and its individual parts. Graduates will work in the production of magazines, books and advertising materials, and in a position of production manager for a midsized printing company. He/she can work in all companies and institutions that deal with graphic preparation and processing of digital data, they are publishers, editors of periodicals and of course graphic studios or in the field of web design and production of multimedia presentations that are an integral part of company's presentations. Graduates who successfully pass graduation exam may continue to study at colleges and universities.

The name of the branch: Polygraphy

Code domain 34-41-M/01
The achieved level of education: secondary education with a graduation certificate

This four-year technological degree course is designed for boys and girls with good grades from primary school. The aim of the study area is versatile knowledge in all fields of printing production, from the technical preparation for production, computer image and text processing, the preparation of printing forms, print production, including quality management methods as well as modern methods of finishing prints. Part of the course is the choice and calculation of the consumption of materials, determination of price calculations and optimization of technological processes. The curriculum consists of theoretical studying and practical training.

Graduate employment:
The polygraph branch graduate is a secondary educated worker with general and vocational education. He/she has comprehensive knowledge of the printing industry and its individual parts. The graduate finds employment especially in the manufacturing and engineering departments of printing companies, but also in graphic studios, advertising agencies and in publishing houses. They can also be employed in positions of agents, officers and in the management of printing companies. The graduates who successfully pass graduation exam may continue to study at colleges and universities.

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Why study with us

Perspective and dynamically developing field - almost no product or service can exist without the participation of printing production. • Comprehensive knowledge enables graduates to succeed in all areas of the printing industry. • We have more than 90 powerful computers for teaching, including modern digital printing peripherals. • We teach the most advanced graphic applications. • We have our own photo studio for teaching digital photography. • We have a long tradition! - teaching polygraphic branches for nearly 60 years. • We are a specialized school! - in the Czech Republic there are only 4 secondary schools with an exclusive focus on teaching polygraphic disciplines! • Teaching is set in real work environment - the portfolio of our school is fully equipped with print operations and graphic studios in new modern premises. • Our school participates in professional internships, exhibitions, excursions and a wide range of thematic exhibitions • We participate in various graphic competitions held in the Czech Republic, often with excellent results which demonstrate the quality of our students. • Among other things, our school cooperates with a number of major printing companies in the Czech Republic, so we can offer a helping hand in the application of our graduates in the labour market. • Interesting salary. • We have a team of qualified and friendly teachers. • Our school can be characterized as a school of a "family style" - without the occurrence of anti-social behavior of pupils. • We can provide accommodation and full board for our students.

Classroom equipment for the field of Printing operator

Classrooms are equipped with the most widely used printing technologies (offset, digital printing, screen printing, foil printing, letterpress). Students in these classrooms gain practical knowledge and skills in the production of a wide range of print production and subsequently use them for printing contracts also realized in these classrooms.

Classroom equipment for the field of Graphic designers

Each of the classrooms in which students carry out vocational training, is fully equipped with computers and software, the pupils encounter in their professional life. Each student has a computer with an LCD monitor. Classes take place in current versions of publishing software ADOBE CS4, CS3, Corel Draw X3 and QuarkXPress 7. Each classroom is equipped with a scanner, laser printer and projector. In addition, Digital Color Printer Xerox DocuColor 240 and Epson large format printer 7800 are available to all students. All computers at school are connected to the central server and have the Internet access. Classrooms for vocational training is gradually being equipped with air conditioning.

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